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Since 1997, THE WRITERS CONSORTIUM has assisted individuals and companies with myriad literary services to establish and grow their brands, as well as motivate employees and launch new endeavors.


In our world, communication has long been a determining factor in positioning and perception. And today, more than ever, the ability to obtain and maintain success in a number of endeavors is greatly determined by one's ability to have more than initiative and will, but also endurance in addition to the ability to communicate with others effectively.


No matter your need -- a poem for a loved one, a grant request proposal, broadcast scripts, jingle/song writing, or even a company newsletter designed -- a Communications Consultant at THE WRITERS CONSORTIUM can help you make your project a success.  

Along with THE SITTING ROOM, THE WRITERS CONSORTIUM was established January 2, 1997, in Arlington, Texas, by a young writer and entrepreneur seeking to build a communications firm that was very strong in writing and editing. The mission: "to always, through knowledgeable and experienced professionals, provide incomparable communication services by ensuring quality exhibition of skills, giving each client personal attention, and treating all needs as our own." In November 1998, ARTICULATION's company headquarters relocated to the northern section of Dallas, where its literary division - THE WRITERS CONSORTIUM - was further developed. In 2001, the company owner established a new, separate company (JEFFERSON TAYLOR) that would be devoted to creative consulting services. And, in 2002, THE CONGLOMERATE, a business services consulting firm, was founded.



“A writer should be joyous, an optimist . . . anything that implies rejection of life is

wrong for a writer.”


- George Gribbin​

It was a cold and icy day . . .

All company services are delivered to Clients through the Communication Consultant(s) assigned to assist with Client's project. The Communications Consultants manage the accounts they service; therefore, all payments, corrections, requests and approvals can be handled by the same representative. However, if you require additional assistance, request contact "from a manager," and your request will be expedited to the proper executive with timeliness.  Regardless of your need, we can help you achieve.

"It's important to regularly assess

your position and amend the

appropriate aspects, even where

sacrifice is in demand, to ensure experiences desired are lived."

Dr. M.M. Jefferson, Founder/CEO

How we service you
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