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exists to write for you.

essays, reviews, research papers & dissertations

Not many people can say they have a team of communication experts at their beckoning call, although most of us would like to be able to make that claim. But by logging onto this site, you are one step closer to having your own writer, editor or proofreader at your service for rates lower than other companies' quoted standard rates.

Before you crossed paths with The Writers Consortium today, you had already begun your journey of paced ascension. Your destination holds tremendous personal rewards. Yet, as you travel your road, you must choose to follow the forks that actually lead there. If at any time during your traverse, maybe one day as you take a break and rest along a deep curb in your path, you feel assistance will help you make a wrong turn or dead end merge you back to the main road, our award-winning writers are available, and ready to assist you.


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ghost writing stories and books
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grants & proposals
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