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About the Author

Joel Leavens, the author of "Witness the Interview," embarked on a profound journey to explore, comprehend, and intimately connect with the divine entity known as God. Initially associating God with religion, Joel's perspective evolved as he recognized that God transcends mere notions of good and encompasses everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. In "Witness the Interview," Joel invites readers to delve into the depth of his concepts, emphasizing the importance of grasping the book's overarching theme and tracing his personal evolution to appreciate the narrative fully.

Hailing from the American South, Joel's life was significantly influenced by the trifecta of family, religion, and the historical injustices faced by American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS). Growing up amidst the distinctive blend of large families, religious influences, and social injustice in the South, Joel's worldview was shaped by these elements. "Witness the Interview" reflects Joel's Southern upbringing, tempered by extensive research into religions and self-growth, emerging as a testament to resilience beneath layers of social injustice and religious indoctrination. The conversation with God in the book unfolds simultaneously, yet the questions Joel poses have been meticulously developed over years, marking a transformative journey that begins with an exploration of religion.

In the intricate tapestry of Joel Leavens' life, he assumes various roles—a dedicated father, a caring husband, a beloved son, and a steadfast friend. However, beyond these integral parts of his identity, Joel also embodies the essence of a third-generation farmer. The sprawling pastoral farms, rooted in the fertile earth, transcend being merely a source of livelihood; they encapsulate a legacy passed down through generations, forging a profound connection to the land and standing as a testament to Joel's unwavering dedication to his family's agricultural heritage. Within the pages of "Witness the Interview," a compelling narrative unfolds, weaving together Joel's diverse roles—showcasing the bonds of family, his stewardship of the land (and earth itself), the influences of his religious upbringing, and a profound commitment to a way of life that transcends time and spans multiple generations.

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