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In "Witness the Interview," the author expresses a profound certainty in the existence of God as a deity or energy, emphasizing a distinction from benevolence. The narrative challenges the dichotomy of God being simply good or bad, asserting that such beliefs lack intelligence and can be dangerous. The author presents compelling evidence for God as a scientist, highlighting the intricate system that governs life. Drawing parallels between the definition of a system and life, the author posits that life operates with intent, purpose, reason, and thought—attributes suggestive of a deliberate design by a thinking creator.

The story unfolds as a witness to a conversation with All, portraying God not solely as benevolent but as encompassing everything. Choosing a fictional narrative format, the author takes readers on a thought-provoking journey down the rabbit hole, sharing insights gained from seven years of studying religion and spirituality. "Witness the Interview" serves as an engaging work of speculative fiction that aims to bridge the gap between research and religion by posing questions rather than providing definitive answers. As readers delve into the narrative, they are invited to consider new perspectives, challenge existing beliefs, and enjoy the exploration of profound existential questions.

Witness The Interview




Witness The Interview



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