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All retainers are non-refundable, and all services must be paid in full in advance of the event date/time per Process outlined.

1.  Perform ceremony only 

     ($200 advance notice; $300 same-day or same-week notice)


2.  Perform ceremony and attend rehearsal

     ($300 advance notice; $400 same-week)


3.  Perform ceremony, file license and order certificates


     ($350 advance notice; $450 same-day/week)


4.  Perform ceremony, attend rehearsal, file license, and

     order certificates

     ($400 advance notice; $500 same-week)



5.  Perform ceremony, take basic photographs of ceremony

     only, and create picture disc without music

     ($450 advance notice; $550 same-day/week)


6.  Perform ceremony, attend rehearsal, file license, order

     certificates, take photographs of ceremony, and provide

     picture disc with background music

     ($550 advance notice; $650 same-day/week)


7.  Perform ceremony, file, license, order certificates,

     photograph wedding and reception, print and frame two

     8x10s, and create wedding and reception CD with pictures

     scrolling while music plays

     ($650 advance notice; $750 same-day/week)

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