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You tell us:

  1. Date and time of exchange of vows

  2. Location and duration of ceremony


Next, you choose the service(s) and then pay the retainer in advance so we may arrange to either:

  1. Perform ceremony only ($200 advance notice; $300 same-day or same-week notice)

  2. Perform ceremony and attend rehearsal  ($300 advance notice; $400 same-week)

  3. Perform ceremony, file license and order certificates only ($350 advance notice; $450 same-day/week)

  4. Perform ceremony, attend rehearsal, file license, and order certificates ($400 advance notice; $500 same-week)

  5. Perform ceremony, take basic photographs of ceremony only, and create picture disc without music ($450 advance notice; $550 same-day/week)

  6. Perform ceremony, attend rehearsal, file license, order certificates, take photographs of ceremony, and provide picture disc with background music ($550 advance notice; $650 same-day/week)

  7. Perform ceremony, file, license, order certificates, photograph wedding and reception, print and frame two 8x10s, and create wedding and reception CD with pictures scrolling while music plays ($650 advance notice; $750 same-day/week)


all retainers are non-refundable

How does it work?


Your MINISTER OF LOVE is available to perform weddings with as little as 3-hours notice on the same day of the ceremony.


However, whether you call us on the day of your wedding or contact us months in advance, your Officiant / Celebrant will always arrive to perform your ceremony 30-minutes early to help keep brides, grooms, and wedding guests in great spirits. 

How much notice do you need?


Once we are retained, your wedding or unity ceremony will be placed on our events calendar.


Next, you will be contacted via email and phone by your MINISTER OF LOVE, who will confirm the details regarding your wedding and briefly interview the couple.


On the day of the event, the MINISTER OF LOVE serving as your Officiate / Celebrant will arrive 30-minutes early to help quell jitters among wedding party and spread a spirit of celebration and joy among wedding attendees. 


At the start of  your ceremony, your Officiate's friendly and professional demeanor will bring the perfect amount of joy and solemnity to the occasion that will solidify the legality of your union.


Upon completion of your ceremony, the Officiate will sign in  the appropriated place on the marriage licence you and your spouse previously signed so the newlyweds may file the license with the Cook County Clerk and marriage certificate(s) may be ordered.  Please allow up to two weeks for the County Clerk to process and mail your marriage certificate(s).  

What happens?


We cannot guarantee that everything that happens to you on the day of your wedding, or during the event itself, will be perfect or picturesque. Nevertheless, your MINISTER OF LOVE does guarantee that your willingness to work out life's problems with the one you love will be confirmed before your Officiate and guests during your "Exchange of Vows," and your Officiate will legally acknowledge your wedding took place by affixing her signature to your current marriage license so you may apply for your copy of the official marriage certificate.  

Are there any guarantees?


You may retain your MINISTER OF LOVE during an arranged in-person meeting scheduled by calling 224-226-4279 or 972-880-8316. 


You may also pay paying using your credit card via a PayPal payment to A convenience fee of 3% must be included in the total on all credit card payments.


Money orders may be mailed to our processing center and made payable to: Mary Jefferson, P.O. Box 8324, Jackson, MS  39284.


Payments for same-day ceremonies must be received in full 2- hours prior to the event time as one lump sum payment delivered in-person, or via PayPal plus 3% convenience fee.


Payments for same-week ceremonies must be received in full 2-days prior to the event day as one lump sum payment delivered in-person, or via PayPal plus 3% convenience fee.


Payments for ceremonies that are not same-day or same-week may be paid in two installments. Half of the total cost is immediately due to retain us to schedule the event, and the balance must be fully paid off 5-days prior to the event date.  


all retainers are non-refundable

How do I pay you? Can I pay half now and half when you arrive at the event?


972 880 8316


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