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Mother's Mantras

by Susie W. Jefferson w/ Mylia Jaza

Published with the assistance of BePublished.Org, MOTHER'S MANTRAS is Susie W. Jefferson's literary debut and Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza’s 17th published guerilla-glue release.


A book comprised of some of the plethora nuggets of wisdom her exemplary mother shared with all five of her children, Jaza hopes Jefferson's timeless advice will help not only parents, but people in general who want the freedom to have the best life possible no matter what position into which they find themselves thrust.


Page after page is filled with familiar quotes and new ones to every reader. Not everyone will agree with every quote. Yet, no reader will put this book down without getting some new lesson, perspective, reminder, chuckle, motivation or shock.


The willingness of the Goddess Mother's children to “share Momma” with people who need such a matriarch will benefit families owning MOTHER'S MANTRAS for many lifetimes.


Because of this, Jaza considers this work her most-prized book of all.


MOTHER'S MANTRAS by Susie W. Jefferson and Mylia Jaza is a must have for every household, and it is available for order today from your favorite book retailer anywhere in the world.


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