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DUAL LANES: Love, Sex and Relationships

by Ronderrick L. Manuel

Published with assistance from in July 2021, DUAL LANES: LOVE, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS is Georgia native Ronderrick L. Manuel’s debut literary print work and his third published compilation piece. Written and arranged from real-life social media forum “Ask Mr. GetRite,” this book displays the answers / opinions / insights shared by the author to address questions on a wide variety of topics. These responses from the author are not intended to be bias, disrespectful or dissenting in any way. The contents and context by design are to be entertaining, thought-provoking and useful to the reader.

“It is my sincerest hope that something positive may be gained from this work and the comfort of knowing that no matter what we all have issues. Nothing and no one is perfect and all of us experience and share the same problems in life at one time or another – especially when it comes to love, sex and relationships surely as the world turns,” Mr. Manuel expresses.

Available for purchase worldwide as an ebook for $9.95, DUAL LANES: LOVE, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS by Ronderrick L. Manuel may also be purchased worldwide as a softcover paperback for $19.95 from bricks-and-mortar and online book retailers including your local bookstore,, and


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