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Investment & Social Club

Increase your net worth and philanthropic endeavors.

REGAL CITY Investment & Social Club is devoted to bringing together innovative minds to amalgamate resources, make major purchases, and improve the lives of others. From stocks to property to gems, REGAL CITY INVESTMENT & SOCIAL CLUB has successfully operated since being formed in 2006 and launched in 2007.  To us, meeting and investing monthly is more than just financial -- it's mandatory for current and future security. That's why each quarter we also feed the hungry, house the homeless, and sponsor a different family in need. Are you ready to pool money to make purchases that EMPOWER you and your loved ones -- YOUR PEOPLE? Let's buy a tv/radio tower and mixed-use real estate, invest in stocks and precious metals along with gemstones. Let's go beyond that and do so much more together!

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Real Estate Ownership

All 50 US States & All Credit Types

REGAL CITY now offers an affordable and flexible Real Estate Ownership Assistance Program to help those denied the opportunity of homeownership in the past. We have a team of educators, attorneys and underwriters who will position you for better credit and the keys to your chosen property!  Fees are within your budget! Start working toward your closing day today

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Tell us about your experiences as a Regal Citizen. Be sure to mention how long you were a member of the REGAL CITY INVESTMENT & SOCIAL CLUB. And, remind us which holdings, stocks and/or events you were most proud to about.

I already knew a little bit about investing, but being a member of Regal City taught me a lot. I made purchases with the group, and continued to buy property and buildings independently. My financial situation looks SPECTACULAR now.

Shawn L., Texas

I had always wanted to buy stocks, but never could afford to get the ones I wanted on my own. Regal City helped me get the stocks I wanted, plus some others I needed.

Latonia J., Mississippi

People were losing money on stocks left and right, but not us. We chose good ones and I remember we were able to sell them and cash out easily when the time came. Being a Regal Citizen is well worth the small fee.

Mary M., Illinois

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Our Principles

REGAL CITY Investment & Social Club was founded after consulting with Financial Advisors who had years of experience working in the investment industry. Our goal is to help those who traditionally have not invested to learn how to pick potential investments, manage ROI expectations, and network with a group of like-minded fund poolers. As a dedication-based organization, we are never looking for new members but are always open to consider the addition of other ambitious and visionary partners who are able to commit for the long haul.  For a copy of our Constitution, or to receive additional details about our upcoming investments, get in touch with us and REQUEST AN INVITATION to our next meeting.

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