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Advertising, Marketing, Promotions & Travel

Grab Attention and Bask In It


We don't discriminate when it comes to advertising and marketing, and we're not coy when it comes to promotions and travels! We have a solid history of creating noticeable online profiles for clients; placing ads that run in print media (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, books, etc.) and with broadcast outlets (radio and television); utilizing online sources (social media and other websites) to increase your brand share and aide in boosting product sales and recognition; and making arrangements for your travel and lodging outside your local area to any place in the world -- all while sticking strictly to your budget. The best thing about PEOPLEWARMERS is, instead of charging a minimum of 20% mark-up on advertising rates like our competitors do, our fee starts at 13% so you may run your campaign knowing you're getting the most mileage out of each dollar.  Additionally, we are able to offer our own mix of A-M-P-T services services at a fraction of the rack rate others charge. We also work closely with graphic artists to assure your ad will be noticed despite what it is placed on, alongside, or near online and in your local newspaper.

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